Friday, August 10, 2007

Wind and Solar Power on City-TV Feature

Tasha Chiu Co-Host, BT - BreakfastTelevision, City TV, shows Rob Matthies, the Solar Power Roadshow, the world's first 'discarded battery' electric pickup truck. This show covered the Vancouver Chinatown Festival.

Tasha is holding the Roadshow's model wind turbine which generates electricity to power the attached model electric car at a wind speed of only 5kph --- whereas most other windmills require wind speeds of 16kph or more.

This is the first time this style of wind turbine has been shown on Canadian TV. Also, its three 'bent-propeller' blades do the work of six blades and change shape with as RPM changes. The efficiency of this wind turbine is greater than 35 percent.

Two students from Silbury School & Resource Centre helped Tasha demonstrate how to build a model solar-powered car for the festival. Tasha said, several times, that these students were "bright kids" and knew what do to. One Silbury student explained that the lack of sunlight wasn't a problem with solar power because he revived alkaline batteries with solar power when the sky was so dim that planes weren't allowed to land at the airport. (That battery-revival workshop for Silbury School was documented and aired on TV by Channel-M.)

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